November 22, 2017

When Is The Last Time You Enjoyed Thanksgiving Dinner?

Source: Pixabay

I can see it now: It’s Thursday afternoon, and you and your family are seated around the Thanksgiving table. All around you are smiling faces, piles of steaming food and full glasses.

You, however, are miles away — anxiously tapping your foot and waiting for an opportune time to check your smartphone and make sure your business’s network is functioning properly.

Business, after all, doesn’t stop for Thanksgiving, especially if you are operating a global enterprise. In fact, Thanksgiving is now one of the most active days of the year for Internet traffic due to all of the attention surrounding Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The truth, though, is that running a network does not have to be so stressful — even if you and your team members are overworked and understaffed, and using outdated infrastructure. All you have to do is partner with a third party managed services provider (MSP) offering solutions that can guarantee business continuity and disaster recovery.

An MSP, for instance, can offer real-time network monitoring as well as rapid-response troubleshooting and alerts. MSPs can also help set up and maintain backup networks, to ensure seamless failover in the event of an unplanned outage.

One of the best returns that you will get on your investment when working with an MSP, though, is the peace of mind that comes with being able to walk away from your business and know that you have services in place to ensure that it stays up and running at a high level.



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