December 15, 2017

Don't Get Blindsided by Winter Weather

Source: Pixabay

Consider this: We’re only halfway into December, and already there have been three snow storms here in Connecticut — all in one week.

When will the first majorawinter storm happen? It’s impossible to predict. But when it comes, bringing heavy winds and several feet of snow, we will see which organizations are able to stay up and running and which ones go under.  

Connecticut business owners are strongly advised to create a strategy to maintain network uptime in the event of serious weather event. Taking the time to do this now could save your business down the line. It’s as simple as identifying critical processes and operations, determining how much downtime the business could realistically sustain and outlining steps to prevent it from occurring.

It’s something that every business can do, regardless of size or budget.

You will also want to consider working with a managed services provider (MSP), for sound guidance and expert support during all phases of business continuity from planning to daily network maintenance and operations. An MSP will thoroughly assess your network and help form a custom plan that aligns with your exact needs. Just like no two networks are the same, no two business continuity strategies are the same.

By taking the time to build a business continuity plan now, you can improve your chances of getting through the winter unscathed. Remember, too, that business continuity is a year-round necessity.

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